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It's Only Make Believe


Of all the things to do in this world, art is the choice of millions. In fact, from the beginnings of humans on earth we find evidence of art work. I believe there will always be art. There is no explaining the link between an image created by an artist and the viewer who suddenly "can't live without it!" Life continlues to take on new ideas and so does the art world.

My work has changed over the years, due in part to geographic influences. I am not sure where my new millennium paintings come from, and I know I will always paint my beloved southwest from memory. Please stop by my gallery again and see my ever changing work.

~ Jeanne




A graduate of the University of Miami in Florida, I did my post graduate work at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. Later I studied painting for several months in San Miquel de Allende, Mexico SA.

While living in the Southwest I painted wild and crazy buffalo, Native Americans going to market, colorful cowboys, and some typical Santa Fe scenes of adobe homes. Working as a costume designer for film and video during this time, I also wrote and produced several nonviolent children's videos.

Then I moved east. I stopped painting for a while. I tried, but the colorful inspiration from the Southwest was missing. Then, one day, I started painting a strange style of art. I call these paintings
Millennium Dreams.

In my heart I miss the Southwest, my friends, the mountains . . . but life has a way of balancing us and I am closer to my family here. I spend my time painting, writing for a children's production house and, when I am not teaching, taking classes at a local college. I have met good art friends on the Internet -- now if I could just cyber in some mountains!


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